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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

High Fashions, Knit Crochet Patterns, Columbia Minerva 760

I finally finished with Columbia Minerva Book 760 - This book is an absolute beauty.   It is loaded with more upscale (would you expect less of Columbia Minerva?) patterns.   A very nice selection of suits, dresses and jacket combinations and several evening wear.    Looking for something to slouch around the house ... well, the patterns here are definitely not what you are looking for.   But, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary special, continue on.   All of the patterns are knitted; most also involve some crochet.     Enjoy the show !

Columbia Minerva, High Fashions, Book 760, Vintage 1968 / The front and back cover are the same.

760-1 The Balmoral - A Two Piece Evening Dress.  The shell has a marvelous diamond pattern that is highlighted with beads.  Knit / Crochet

760-2 - Longchamps Cape Suit :  The cape with contrasting band all the way around is matched by the same band going down the side of the skirt.  Knit / Crochet
760-3 - Edwardian Coat :  The design is comfortable and the Frog Closures are delightful.  Knit / Crochet

760-4 - Jockey Club Suit : The jacket features the shaped collar and hemline, all highlighted with contrast buttons and trim.  Knit / Crochet
760-5 Bellman Jacket - This dress features the double breasted panel, and pocket flaps, based on the classic Bellman jacket.  Knit / Crochet.

760-6 & 7 - Palm Springs Suits - This combo pattern features the same suit; just the jacket has a long sleeve, or a short sleeve with extended shoulder variations.  Knitting pattern.

760-8 & 9 - Rue De la Paix Suit -  I'm not sure what you would call the from detail interest here, but it is nice .. complimented by with double breasted and the notched collar.   Knit / Crochet
Vendome Suit - The three quarter sleeved jacket has a touch of extra special going on with pocket and braid details.   Knit / Crochet

760-10 - Parisienne Suit - Eye catching pattern with looped collar and cuffs.   Knit / Crochet.
760-11 - Plaza Suit - This suit is a great example of sleek elegance. Knit / Crochet
Don't let the words suit fool you here; both of these are sleeveless dresses with matching jackets.

760-12 Elsinore Coat - Simple Loose Fitting Coat - Knitted
760-13 - Hyde Park Suit - This in the complete set; jacket, shell and skirt.   The shell and jack have small bands of contrast to tie them together. Knit / Crochet

760-14 - Champs Elysee Suit - An empire style dress with flaps and a jacket; all in contrasting color.  Knitted.
760-15 - Windsor Dress - A knitted shirtwaist - simply elegant for everyday wear.  Knitted

760-16 - La Regine Suit - This suit is a sleevless dress and light jacket, accentuated with pleated trim.  Knit / Crochet
760-17 - Ondine Dress - A cute dress, extended sleeves, with or without the grape motif.  Knit / Crochet

 760-18 - Trompe L'oeil Suit - Wide button band, evolving into collar with matching cuffs.  Wow.  Knitted.
760-19 - Sophisticate Suit - This dress and jacket outfit is both professional and feminine in appearance.  Knit / Crochet

760-20 Lucerne Dress - Long and elegant.  Those bands of color are bugle beads!  Knit / Crochet
760-21 - Diana Ball Gown - Long Simple Gown made special with the Gold Greek Key Design at the bottom, as well as ends of the Shawl.  Knitted.

760-22 - La Frencesca Dress - A long spaghetti strap dress that would be perfect for any formal event.  Knit / Crochet

760-23 - Renoir Suit - A simple straight dress topped with an elegant braid trimmed jacket - Don't you think this one yells holiday wear?  Knitted.
760-24 - Renaissance Suit - Another Dress and jacket combination.  This jacket is waist length, gently complimenting the dress and braided tie.  Knit

760-25 - Discotheque Dress - The all over fringe gives this two-piece combo the celebration look.   Knit / Crochet

And, of course, the back page is the same as the front.   If you are thinking that most of these have the Jackie O' look; well ya - remember the year of this book is 1968.   As usual, a number of the patterns are available in my shop, as noted by links under the pictures.   

These books become a labor of love putting out here ... the scans, the pictures, the text, etc. etc. etc.   But, I do think they are so fun to look at and share.   

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