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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dogwood Blossom Doily Chair Set Pattern

I imagine these chair sets originated, way back then, to protect the chairs from our dirty arms and hair, making them Functional Art.   And, oh, Art they are.     For the most part, I think the popularity of chair sets started faded in the 1970s, but many of the patterns remain desirable for their use in doilies, shawls, tablecloths and other ornamental items.    

This public domain pattern, Dogwood Blossom Chair Set, is a nice pattern that I hope you'll be able to find some use.   It would be a shame for these just to die out.   This pattern is from the May, 1953 issue of The Workbasket.
(To print, click to enlarge and then copy / paste to a word document on your computer)

Now, this is only semi-related to crochet chair sets, BUT ... check out these crochet chair sets !

Oh, if you just happened to wander in, I have a fair number of other free patterns here in my blog ... and add a couple more every week.

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