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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Daring Bold Fashion; Vintage Knitting Spinnerin Advertisement

Is it possible to be more fun than this ?   Okay, on the one hand, it is just a 1966 Spinnerin advertisement for a knitted coat pattern.   But, really, on the other hand,  it's a piece of fun.  

More than the jacket (which is a quite nice knitting pattern), its the hat with the chin strap, and those wonderfully round, and glaring plastic, sunglasses, and the white gloves (just slightly past their fashion trend).  And, did you notice shoes (first glance, one might think they are socks), and the unusual accessories, the leg ties right over the top of the shoes.  

This woman shows us the guts to be who we are.  Wear what we want.   In style or not.  Create our own style.  Say hello to the world and let them think what they want; without a care.  

I want this outfit.    But, more than that, I want the ability to wear it well. 

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