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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Knitted Pompon Trimmed Pullover, Vintage Pattern

Here one for you ... it a Pompon Trimmed Pullover.   Now, it's a nice sweater to knit up.  It features a high cowl (or is it rolled) ribbed neckline, along with ribbing at the cuffs of the long sleeve sweater and at the bottom hemline.  And then, you make up a bunch of little pompons and attach them in either the pattern shown, or whatever pattern you might wish.  

I'm not positive I'd put on the Pompons', but I really like the sweater itself.   BUT, one great call for the Pompon applications is if you are one that gets to frequently hold a baby or a squirmy attention.   They would be like a built in toy .... They could teeth on it, pull, flick play ... you get the drift.   

Leave pompons on or off ... certainly the choice is yours.   But, I'd highly recommend the sweater.

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