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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Knitted Clothes Patterns For Barbie Ken Dolls

Now, here is a plethora of doll patterns.   Technically, Barbie, Ken and Little Sister are brand names, but truly, who really calls them 11.5 inch Fashion Dolls.    You know, like Momma, can I have a 11.5 inch Fashion Doll.   No, I think not.      But, anyway, I'm sidetracked already.    

In my stack of pending Knitting and Crochet Books, are these four gems.  

 Book One by Virginia Lakin.    Issued in 1962, the book contains coats, dresses, skirts, pants, hats and more. 
 Book Two by Virginia Lakin.  Issued in 1963, the book contains more dresses, skirts, pants and hats that are different than those in Book 1.     This book also has a couple patterns for the boy 12.5 inch doll. 

 Book 4 by Virginia Lakin:   Issued in 1964, this book has 36 patterns to create ... you know ... dresses, suits, pants, hats, skirts and more.   All the patterns are different than those contained in Books 1 - 3.  This book also contains section on altering the knitting patterns to facilitate different size dolls (in case you want to put Ken in a wedding dress), as well as tips on making your own patterns.   

From the February 1966 issue of Womans Day, Knit a Wardrobe of Sweaters.   This book is exclusive to the sweater.   In contains 10 different patterns to knit sweaters for the 9, 11.5 and 12.5 inch dolls.  Mix and match sweaters for the entire doll family. 

Armed with these book, one could clothes a family (or two) of fashion dolls for .... well ... the rest of their lives!  

I went out and Googled Virginia Lakin.   I was curious to see how many books she put out.    I didn't find anything that discusses her (or her books) specifically, but it appears there are at least 12.   I don't know if they are all knitting, however.  

A fun footnote in book 2 : The dolls in this book were constructed from parts obtained from hobby shops, etc.  Features have been altered to avoid resemblance to any specific brand of doll. 

 I've listed these four in my shop in PDF format if you are interested.    The listings do show all of the patterns within the books (it's just abit too much to list them all here).  

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