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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Accessories to Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 126

In promotion of their Red Heart Lightweight Yarns, Coats & Clark's but out their Book No 126 - Jiffy Accessories to Knit and Crochet.   The year was was 1961.   I was three.  So, you may note that I'm not calling this one a Vintage Book, as it couldn't be any more vintage than I am.     As you might know from the title, the book is all about the accessory.   And, actually, there's some nice items ones in here that one might want to explore ... or knit ... or perhaps crochet.      Here, I'll show you.

The front page gives us a small idea of what's to follow ... in color.  

B-222 - Meet the Poodle Family - Papa, Maman and Be be.   These sweet doges are crocheted.   They are also in serious need of a home.   So, I've listed the pattern over in my Free Pattern Section, and maybe you'll want to knit them up.
B-223 - Head Hugger Crocheted Headband.   The actual width is not given, but I'd think 2 inches.   It got such great potential.   Crochet them just as is, or added flowers or other ornamentation ...

B-224 - Jiffy Jacket - a Crocheted Bolero.   It's a casual jacket crocheted in cross stitlch.  Just right as a little cover up.  It is Sized Small, Medium and Large.

B-225 - Quik-Knit Hat.  This piece of ribbing knitted straight, then sewed and folded as you desire.  The picture shows two variations.

B226 - Classic Socks and B-227 - Classic Mittens.  These are knitted with Red Heart Worsted, worked on four needles with sizes for the whole family.

B-228 - Lady's Knitted Slippers and B-229 Child's Crocheted Slippers.  You can, of course, put Pom-Pons on both.

B-230 - Drop Stitch Scarf.  The finished size of this knitted scarf is 12 x 58 inches, excluding the fringe.   Knitted with Knitting Worsted, this one is softly elegant.

B-231 - Garter Stitch Scarf.   Here's a simple scarf that circles around and loops through the special opening. The pattern has it knitted with Super Fingering.

B-232 - Ear Flap Cap.   Just like it says, this one does not go overboard on the flap, just enough there to keep those ears warm.

B-233 - Knitted Bolero.   This little jacket is really cool.   The huge shawl collar is a fold-over (I included the diagram to show you).   It is sized for busts 32 to 40.

B-234 - Crocheted Mittens - the two versions at top, and B237 - Pussy Willow Bottle Cover.  (Now, you didn't think the poodle patterns would be enough for a 1961 Coats and Clark's pattern book, did you).

B-234 - Knitted Pea Cap - A Striped Classic.  
B-236 - Knitted Mittens and B-243 - Easy Heel Knitted Socks // One can never have too many socks or mittens.   Right?

B-238 - Knitted Bedjacket.   This is a one size pattern so I'm guessing the knitted worsted has some good stretch potential.   A perfect piece for sitting on the couch or ... well, anywhere.   
B239 - Crocheted Shell Stitch Stole.  This simple piece is 24 x 72 inches, excluding the fringe.  

Okay, slippers might be a bit ordinary and wrists cuffs ... ordinary or not, but knee warmers ... there you go.   Knit him a pair and match it up with a bathrobe, for Christmas.  

B-244 - Knitted Ski Helmet.   Perfect for the slopes, perfect for shoveling the driveway ... just perfect for very cold weather.   

And, that takes us to the back cover, where we have yet another (in color) recap of a couple of the patterns.   

So, what do you think?   Myself, I'm not real big on knitted socks, but I like everything else.   And, I might just love the knitted bolero.   (If only I could knit).   I've been playing around with Photoshop and have been practicing at editing out some of the ugly grey scale backgrounds.   It takes quite a bit of practice, but is it also fun.  So, if some of this look a little difference .. that's why.   

I've scanned the book, as well as a couple of the individual patterns to PDF format and listed in my shop.   The individual patterns will have links under their photos.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

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