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Friday, September 16, 2011

Tatted Crocheted Doily Edgings Star Book 30

The title says it all ... Tatted and Crocheted Designs is Star Book 30 from American Thread Company.    This pattern book goes back to 1944 and not only does it have a variety of classic edging patterns, they are accompanied by delightful art illustrations.     Even if you are not looking for edgings or doily patterns, this book is still enjoyable to look through.    Let me show you.  

The book is 32 pages.    The front and back cover is the same. 

No 3001 - Roseglow - Crystal and Lace Luncheon Set.  Tatted with ball and shuttle.  

No 3002 - 3009, Tatted Edgings all created with a ball and shuttle. 

No 3010 - Springtime Froth of Lace, an Irish Crochet Doily is 10 inches in diameter and created with a No 13 Steel Crochet Hook.

No 3011 - Fragrance, filmy loveliness, Doily is approx. 7.5 x 11.5 inches.  

No 3012 - Tatted edging for Infants dress.
No 3013 - Baby Cap sized 6 months to 1 year
No 3014 Edging for Bib
All are tatted with 1 ball and 1 shuttle

No 3015 - 3020, Crocheted Edgings created with size 13 or 14 steel hooks. 

No 3024 - 3029, Lace Elegance Medallions are tatted.  

No 3034 - Petal, delicacy of snowdrops, Doily Luncheon Set is worked with a steel crochet hook 11 or 12.  Each motif measures 1.5 inches.  82 motifs are required for each doily.

No 3035 - Tatted Alphabet to use for, well, whatever you want!  Created with 1 shuttle and 1 ball. 

No 3036 - 3037 Hemstitched Edgings

No 3038 - Mimosa simple line of beauty - a Venetian Doily.  This lovely pieces measures approx. 11 inches and is worked with a steel crochet hook No 13. 

No 3039 - Anemone is tatted with 1 shuttle and 1 ball.  It measures 7 inches. 

No 3040 - Rosemary, old world charm is worked with a steel crochet hook No 12 or 13.   It measures approx. 12 inches. 

No 3041 3042 - Good Night Ladies Tatted Slip Tops

This booklet was issued as promotion for American Thread Mercerized Branded Threads.   Which means, of course, these are the brands called in the different patterns.     I've scanned this book to a PDF file, and it is available in my shop, should you wish to create some of these of your own.   

So, what do you think?    Lovely patterns, great artistic drawings, a delightful vintage book.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

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