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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pilgrim TP Topper or Doll Crochet Pattern

 I received this crochet pattern amongst a lot of patterns.   It was all by itself, all the rest were sewing.    Not that it matters, of course.

Now, this pattern from Crochet Village, where it was officially named ....

Pilgrim TP Topper

Now, I assumed the title of TP Topper meant Toilet Paper.   Isn't TP still the abbreviation for toilet paper?    Then, as I was listing in my shop, I started thinking how it sure didn't look like a toilet paper cover.    I remember those ... my aunts, back in the 70s, used to have them ... you guessed it ... covering rolls of toilet paper in their bathrroms.    But, this sweet little pilgrim looks like a door stopper, sitting sweetly on the floor, like he is.       I pulled the pattern back and just looks he looks; this sweetheart is stuffed with fiberfill and is, most apparently, a crocheted doll.  

Am I missing something?    What else does the TP stand for?      Any clues for my ongoing education will be appreciated.   I'll also send the link off to Crochet Village ... maybe they will be able to help me out on the terminology !

Thanks for stopping by.

9/6 ... UPDATE .. received an email back from Donna at Crochet Village.   The legs, arms and head are stuffed with polyfill, the body itself goes over the TP.   Talk about an uh duh moment.  

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