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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Knitted Quetzal Pullover Free Pattern

I was looking through the blog post for the Columbia Minerva Book 761 and realized that I had not posted the Quetzal Pullover Pattern, that I referenced as being offered as a freebe.      Giving this some thought, I decided I had two choices; 1) list the pattern in my Free Pattern section, or 2) wait to see if anyone noticed.   I suppose you can guess which option I choose. 

So, what's a Quetzal Pullover, you might ask.   I didn't have a clue, of course, so I went out a consulted with my friend, Google, and learned that Quetzal is a place in Gautemala and well as a bird (which, you guessed it ... has roots in the same place)

Lovely little bird, don't you think?     Now, let's compare this little bird to the sweater.

Knitted Sweater Pattern, Free Download

See the similarities ?    Now,  this pullover is made fun with the tasseled fringe.    I suppose, if you didn't want it to be a fun sweater, you could leave the fringed tassel off (just don't tell me).  I think I might even go the extra mile and add three at the center front neckline !

So, how about it?  Why not create one for yourself?   It's available in my shop as a Free Download.   

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