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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Afghan Patterns, Spool Book 140, Vintage 1939

This book is a beauty.   The illustrations are domestically whimsical, cheerful and fun.   The decor is perfectly 1930s, just as it should be with a book published in 1939.   This issue, Book 140, Afghans is from Spool Cotton Company, who were the original publishers of American Thread Booklets.  This pattern booklet was a promotion for Chadwick's Red Heart Afghan Wool and all of the patterns, as you might expect, call for this yarn.   In all there are 13 pattern; 10 Crochet and 3 Knitting. 

Again, the artwork here is delightful; enjoy the show !

Afghans, Book No 140 
Striped Afghan Crochet Pattern
697 - Fleetwood:   This beauty is a blend of cool and warm blended color shades worked in panels with contrasting tufts of fringe at the ends.   Finished, it measures 62 x 75 inches. 

Vintage Diamond Block Crochet Afghan Pattern
No 676 - Carnival Granny:  "A new (for 1939) version of an old favorite and a design as new as tomorrow.  Gay."  Made up of 5 3/4 inch blocks in a diamond motif, it measures 48 x 65 inches.  

Hexagon Flower Crochet Pattern
No 6000-A Morning Glory:  Feminine and glamorous, crocheted flower motifs blossom into an enchantingly delicate pattern.   It takes 145 individual hexagon blocks with tufts of fringe here and there.
Vintage Stripe Crochet Afghan Pattern
No 698 - Moderne:  Introduce a note of richness with subtle shaded colors, dramatic texture and simplicity of design.   This is made with 5 wide strips, 4 narrow and edgings all the way around.  It measures approx. 50 x 73 inches.

No 699-A - Primrose Path:  The Charm and elegance of Dresden china is captured in pastel flowers on a porcelain white background.  The finished piece measures approx. 48 x 66 inches. 

Crocheted Pennant Afghan Pattern No 696
No 696 - Pennant A gay companion for home or outdoors ! Make it up in your
favorite school colors.  The finished size is approx. 55 x 68 inches.

Calico Crochet Afghan Pattern No 6005
No 6005 - Calico:  As gay as old-fashioned calico, square crocheted motifs join to make a charming colonial design.  This is made up of 257 motifs, making an afghan that measures approx. 52 x 72 inches. 

Crocheted Afghan Green Pastures No 6001
No 6001 - Green Pastures:  Crochet this versatile afghan in a jiffy using a smart solid color.   The finished piece measures approx. 47 x 67 inches and is created with a Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No 2/0 (double zero). 

Vintage knit crochet ripple afghan pattern

No 6006 - Trophy (on left);  Crocheted with a Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No 2/0 (double zero).  Finished size is approx. 50 x 72"
No 693 - Greenwood (on right):  Knitted with 1 pair No 6 Milwards Phantom Knitting Pins.  Finished size is approx. 52 x 78 inches.

Crochet Tartan Afghan Pattern No 691-a
 No 691-A - Tartan:  A debonair plaid flaunts gay-colored comfort and adds an extra dash to outdoor terrace or room.  The afghan is crocheted and yarns are woven through for the Tartan effect.   
It measures approx. 47 x 67 inches. 

 No 6008 - Victoriana:  The afghan, approx. 47 x 67 inches, is crocheted with a Milwards Casein Crochet Hook No 4. 

Regimental Crocheted Afghan pattern no 678

No 678 - Regimental:  An easy-to-do knitted stitch finds smart expression in this sturdy military-striped auto robe.  The finished size is approx. 52 x 72 inches.  It is knitted with 1 pair, No 4, Milwards Phantom Knitting Pins.

And, the front cover is exactly the same as the front. 

As I worked through these, I'd think, this one is my favorite, and then I'd get to the next one.   Then, I had to start evaluating whether it was the afghan or the picture that I liked the best !   Ummm ... both.   Most particularly the lounge chair with the top that resembles a baby stroller and the last picture with the afghan out the car door.     How about you? 

I've reworked most of these patterns and they are available individually in my shop, should you be interested (just follow the links below the pictures).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.    Thanks for dropping by,

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