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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Book 55 Crochet Potholders American Thread Co

This booklet, from American Thread Company, is dated 1947.  It is Star Book 55 - Potholders.    For this booklet (as I understand was done for a couple earlier ones as well), a variety of corresponding recipe' accompany the individual patterns.    You know, a recipe for Crabmeat Augratin along with a pattern for a crochet potholder with a crab motif.    Perhaps they thought it would be a bonus.  If the patterns were not enough to get you to put the book in your basket, perhaps the recipe would tip the scales towards purchase.

I will admit, there is a whimsical variety of patterns here.  Many of these have gift giving written all over them.     All of the patterns are crochet.   Here, let me know show you !
Star Potholders
Crochet Potholders Pattern Book
As usual, the front and back cover are the same. The cover color is red, versus the pink that was picked up in this scan.

 This book is a promo for the Star Brand Cottons, although the recipies and art sketches add a wonderful flair.

Crochet Crab Potholder Pattern
 No 5501 and No 5502 - Give us a fish an a crab, nicely served up with crab meat au gratin. 

Crochet Butterfly Potholder Pattern
 5503, a bumble bee and 5504, a butterfly complimented with honey date sticks.

Crochet Strawberry Potholder Pattern
 5505 a strawberry, 5506 a pear and 5507 an apple.   All three served up with a recipe for spiced fruit compote.

Vintage Maple Leaf Crochet Potholder Pattern
 5508, maple leaf potholder and 5509 an acorn potholder with a recipe for maple sugar graham crackers (which I'll list below).  

Crocheted Christmas Tree Potholder Pattern
No 5510 - a tree all by itself ... no recipe.   
This pattern is available as a Free Download. 

Crochet Clothes Potholders Pattern
5511, Panties potholder, 5512, Slip potholder and 5513 Dress Potholder.   Now, these are accompanied by a recipe for cheese cake.  I don't quite get the correlation.

 Vintage Crochet Flower Panholder Pattern
 No 5514, Thorn Rose, 5515 Poppy potholder and 5516 a Daisy.   These are dished up with an interesting recipe for candied rose petals (using real rose petals). 

Vintage Potholders Crochet Pattern in Sugar Cream Motif
No 5517 Cookie jar, 5518 Teapot and 5519 Plate potholder, along with a minted tea cooler. 

Vintage Potholders in Cap and pocket book motif   
 No 5520 Potholder Pocket Book Mit and 5521, Scotch Plaid Cap Mitt.   Now, you know you love your fashion accessories so much that you'll want them duplicated in your kitchen!

Crochet square pinwheel potholder pattern
No 5522 Pinweel and 5523, square pinwheel.   These are accompanied with a recipe for, what else but, Pinwheel Sandwiches. 

Vintage Crocheted Potholders Pattern, round and square
with a recipe for Indian pudding

Easy Vintage Crochet Potholders Pattern

 You have to admit, there are a fair number of fun designs here.    Why not have the ever-so-functional potholder dish up some fun !    

Here's the recipe for the Maple Sugar Graham Crackers. 
2 tblsp butter or margerine
1/3 c shaved or grated maple sugar
6 large Graham crackers
Chopped Walnuts
Blend butter and maple sugar.  Spread on graham crackers.  Sprinkle with the copped nuts and bake in moderate over of 350 deg.f for 10 minutes.   

I'm not sure where I'll find the maple sugar (since this is obviously a solid), but it just made my shopping list.   These sound delicious. 

As usual, I've listed these patterns individually in my shop.   The tree pattern is available as a Free Download.

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