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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Ideas in Doilies Pattern Book Coats Clark 283

This booklet, New Ideas in Doilies, Book 283 from Coats and Clarks  has quite a lighthearted introduction:

"Choose a color from your room, then select a doily from this book.  Crochet the doily in your color choice ... and you have a new point of emphasis in your decor.   These doilies are designed to complement the mellowness of maple, or the subtle sheen of mahogany".  

The book does not have a copyright date, however handwritten notations on the cover indicate 1952.  The booklet was issued as promotion to their line of mercerized thread and every pattern, as you might expect, uses these threads.

There are a couple more unusual doilies here.  Grab a cup of whatever you like to drink, and let's preview of the book.

New Ideas in Doilies
 S- 221 - Summer Sunshine graces the cover.  A pretty place mat with lattice edging measures
12.5 x 19.5 inches.  This pattern is available as a Free download in my shop.  

S-212 - Carnival Wheels can we used as either doilies or place mats.
Make these hairpin lace pieces in oval (15 x 19.5 inches) or round (14.5 inches).

S-213 - Lagoon Doily measures 13 inches 
Scallops of crocheted braid form the basis of this unusual design.   

S-214 -  Minute Magic as it is so quick and easy to make that ... you guessed it ... it will take just minutes.  The finished doily measures 17 inches

S-218 - Rapid Rings - Here is another doily that is in the 'Easy' category.  Simple, yet elegant, it measures 19 inches in diameter when completed.    (( Did you notice the container of cigarettes ... that is certainly a look at times gone by )).

S215 - Laurel Leaves - An unusual doily is named for the Laurel Leaves it is to resemble.   I've not much experience with Laurel Leaves, I will admit.  To me, it looks a bit like small cactus.  You?

S-216 - Victoriana -  Charming doily with base of crocheted braid, linen center, that measures 17 1/2 inches in diameter.

S-217 - Filigree crochet doily features row upon row of loveliness and 8 points edge.
S-219 - Ribbon Rows - 12.5 x 18 inches
Filet crochet laced with colorful grosgrain ribbon.

S-220 - Dew Drop - 14.5 inches square (each motif is 2.25 inches)
Simple motifs in contrasting colors joined with star-shaped fill-in lace.  This pattern is available as a free download in my shop.  

And, on the back cover ... S-222 - Edelweiss - Complete with daises and ruffles, this pretty piece at 15.5 inches has a lot to offer. 

I think a couple of these are quite lovely.   I particularly like The Lagoon, it has such a spring feel to it.    I also like the Ribbon Rows with the grossgrain ribbon weaved through it.   Although I'd have to use it on a table, not as a placemat; my eating habits are too messy to eat on this pretty piece.

So, what's your favorite ?  (Do leave me a note ... sometimes I wonder if anyone is looking at, or enjoying these old patterns).

I have restored and reformatted the patterns in this book and listed individually in my shop, should you be interested in making one of them.   Just follow the links below the pictures.  There are also two free downloads offered.

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