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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Doll Book, Crochet Outfit Patterns, Coats Clark Book 280, Vintage 50s

Since I've been working on Doll Patterns, why not go ahead and show you Coats and Clarks Book 280 !   This is a delightful book containing a variety of patterns for that special girls' dollie, or perhaps your own.    The book is vintage 1951 and was actually published by the Spool Cotton Co.

The Doll Book, Coats and Clark's 280
Vintage Crochet Doll Dress patterns, Coats Clarks Book 280
 Rose Marie:  This adorable baby doll (S-179) is adorned with a dress, bonnet and slippers.   The pattern is sized for a 15" doll.   

Crocheted Babe in Arms Doll Dress Pattern
 Babe-in-Arms:  This pattern (S-175) includes the dress, hat and shoes for both an 22" and 15" doll.     
8 inch Crochet Doll Dress Pattern, Vintage 1950s
 Shepherdess:  This pattern (S-177) includes the dress (love the black edge trim), hat and panties.   It is designed for the 8" doll.   

 Fairy Queen (on right):  This pattern (S-176), includes the very ruffled dress, coronet and panties.   It is sized for an 8" doll.

Gay Senorita Crochet Doll Dress Pattern
Gay Senorita:  Any 8" doll will be ready for the party in this delightful outfit, which includes dress, with flowered skirt, panties and mantilla head scarf.   

Vintage Christening Party Crochet Doll Dress Pattern
 Christening Party:  This sweet outfit (S-181) is truly 'Baby Doll'.  It includes the christening dress, bonnet and slippers.   

Crochet Hans Gerda Crochet Doll Clothes Pattern
Hans and Gerda (versus Hansel and Gretel):  This will could are adorned in typical Swedish attire.  She has a dress, apron, panties, hat and shoes.  He has pants, blouse, hat and shoes.  The patterns are sized for 8" dolls.  They are crochet with a plastic No 5 hook. 

Verbatim from the book :  "Dolls hold an eternal fascination over any member of the feminine sex, whether her age be sever or seventy.  Baby dolls, lady dolls, costume dolls or boy dolls -- all are a source of real pleasure to the young-in-heart.  More than half the fun, of course, is the making of a variety of wardrobes to transform your favorite type of doll from a shepherdess to a fairy queen, from a babe-in-arms to a gay senorita.  So, may we present a collection of charming ensembles for you to crochet in J&P Coats and Clark's O.N.T. Threads and may be hope that you never loose your youthful love of dolls". 

I love these patterns.   How I would have drooled to have had these as a girl (versus those lumpy and bumpy ones that I sewed).     Funny really, what was desirable for girls (and us bigger girls, as well) back in 1951 (the copyright of this book), is just as desirable for our girls of 2011.  AND, I hope that desirability does not change from my great great granddaughters.

This pattern book is available in PDF format should you be interested.

I hope you enjoyed the picture show  ... that's why I put them in here ... a little touch of history. 

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