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Friday, May 20, 2011

Afghans Knitting Crochted Patterns American Thread Star Book 17

Way back, like 70 years ago, or, more specifically 1941, American Thread presented us with the Star Afghan Crocheted and Knitted Book 17.  So, what were the popular Afghan patterns back in 1941?    Well, let me show you.
Knit and Crochet Patterns, Book 17 from American Thread
Old Versailles (on the left):  All the dignity and delicate beauty of Eighteenth Century France is shown in this lovely Grey and Rose afghan.  This pattern is crochet and the finished piece measures 53" x 64".
Cape Cod (on the right):  Sturdy white flowers symbolizing the courage of our Pilgrim fathers - give this afghan a wealth of character.  This is a crochet pattern.  The finished piece measuring 49" x 67".

Two-Tone Afghan (shown on the left):  Two afghans in one - colorfully striped on one side - solid color on the other!  This is a crochet pattern.  The finished piece is 48" x 78".
Sea Shell (show on the right):  The dainty Sea Shell stitch made into a stunning design in several shades of one color.   This is a crochet pattern, measuring 50" x 70" when completed.

Crocheted Pinwheel Afghan Pattern, Vintage 1940s
 Pin Wheel So Gay - so easy to make.  Watch it grow as 'round' you go.  Good pick-up work when visiting - make every minute count   This pattern is crocheted.   It measures 51" x 72". 

Vintage Baby Blanket, Free Knitting Pattern

 Baby Afghan:  This delicate lullaby is a perfect addition of Baby Layette.  This afghan is knitted and is 40" x 45".   This pattern is available as a Free Download. 

Zig-Zag Striped Crochet Afghan Pattern
Mexicana - Ladies, snap your castenets.  Here's an afghan with the fervor of old Mexico.  Strong colors (Dark Blue and a Rainbow Blend) and rick rack design made this a delight to work.   This is a crochet pattern, measuring 45" x 72" when completed.

 Carriage Cover is crocheted and measures 23.5" x 33.5"

Crocheted Indian Blanket Pattern, Vintage 1940s
 Wigwam:  Hiawatha would have been proud to wrap himself  in this warm afghan with its geometric design, so loved by the American Indian.   This 52" x 72" afghan is crocheted.

 Symphony in Red (shown on left):  This pattern is knitted with crocheted side edges and fringed ends.  The finished afghan is 52" x 76".  

Harlequin (shown on right): As simple as a Pierrot - and as smart.  Scramble your own color scheme.  It's fun!   This pattern is crochet; measuring 60" x 78" when completed.

Charleston Garden (shown on left):  Raised flowers in natural shaded colors give a realistic touch to this lovely afghan.  This is a crochet pattern, measuring 43" x 63".

Highlander (shown on right):  As cheerful as a Highland Fling.  A bright plaid that fits in with any type of room - and fascinating to make.  This afghan is crocheted and measures 45" x 72" when completed.

I've used American Threads dialog description, where it was offered.   It renders just a bit more of the 1941 feel.   Perhaps if your Mothers/Grandmothers knitted or crocheted, some of these pieces may already be in your Heirloom collection.    If not, perhaps you could make them up to pass on.   A 2011 afghan from a 1941 pattern !

These afghans were designed by Cecilia Vanek, who is referenced as American Thread Ace Designer.   A google on her name shows her involvement in a number of pattern books, but, alas, did not render a picture of her.

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