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Saturday, April 2, 2011

American Thread Star Book 218 Knit Crochet Patterns

Ready for a photo-journal of the American Thread Star Book No 218?   Well, this book contains a variety of standards, such as afghans and slippers, as well as some period fixtures, like toilet paper and seat covers, along with some quirky and whimsical surprises.     This is one of the 'Make it with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn', one of the American Thread brands.   You know, buy their pattern book ... buy their yarn.    Although the book is titled Knit and Crochet, everything in this book is crochet, with the exception of a pair of slippers. 

Let's get started !
American Thread Star Book 218
The front cover is a preview of a couple of the contents.
Vintage American Thread Crochet Toys Pattern
 This is the 'Toys, Wild and Tame' crochet pattern.  The toys include an elephant (that would be the wild) and a cat and dog (the tame, of course).  The crocheted toy is stuffed; black beads are used for the eyes.
Duck Crochet Pattern, Vintage Knit Crochet Pattern Shop

 'It's a Toy, It's a TV seat' pattern.   Actually, it's a crocheted duck.   The finished dimensions are not listed, but I'd venture to say that it is a rather large one.  It requires stuffing (several bags, I'm sure).

 'Loop Stitch Play Dress'.   Here is the adorable girl sitting on the above duck, wearing the crocheted, loose-fitting, A-line, summer dress.   The pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop in appreciation of your business. 
Loop Stitch Crochet Rug Pattern, Vintage 1960s
Sheer Brilliance, Cut Loop Rug.  This is a crocheted rug (with the loops cut, of course) that looks so much like a colorful version of the 1970's Shag Rug.  Finished size is 22' x 27".

Crochet Whimsical Man Bottle Cover Pattern
This is 'Jim Fizz'.  He is a decorative dude, crocheted specifically to stand and watch over your bar, or anyplace that you might like to put him.  

Crochet Pattern Face Doorknob Covers
These are more than crocheted doorknob covers, they are friends that hang around your room.   Talk to them, tell them your secrets, or just use them to keep the little ones put.   

This afghan is officially title 'The Black and White of It'.    I think it's a dramatic piece of couch art. The finished afghan is 48" x 70"   There is also a crocheted rug, using the same pattern with the colors reversed that measures.   There are also two pillows (Granny Afghan Pillow and the Pink Quickie Pillow) also crocheted that are approx. 14" x 14".   

Okay, this is the Big Kahuna of fun surprises in this booklet ... The Novelty Crocheted Bag.  According to the pattern page, 'Use it for Curlers, Crochet it for Fun".  I don't think as many women use these rollers as in the 60's, however, it is certainly a whimsical piece of fun !

Black White Checked slippers Crochet Pattern
'Let's Play Checkers' is the only knitting pattern in the book.   An attractive checkerboard design, cuffs and a big pompom.   What more could we want.   

Crochet Lion Rug Pattern
Two patterns sets here   First is the childs Block Pillow and Rug, featuring a colorful design for kids room with embroidered motifs.  And then, the Lion Rug or Wall Hanging for a splash of color.  

Flower Bathroom Crochet Rug Pattern
The 'Bathroom Deluxe' set consists of a crocheted flower rug, a seat cover and a tissue cover.   I think it resembles a daisy.  

Vintage Flower Crochet Bag Pattern
The 'Flower Tote' is a sturdy and attractive Bag is crocheted.   The actual dimensions are not stated, but it appears ample.   This bag is lined.

These crocheted dolly are Tissue Toppers.  These were very fashionable in the 60's and 70s and would still be a cute addition to the young girls bathroom.  

And the back cover is the same as the front cover; a recap of the contents.   

This particular book is mostly on the light and whimsical side with a good deal of emphasis on crafts.   I particularly like the slippers.  You?

Hoped you like the photo journey.  Thanks for dropping by, 

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