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Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Thread Star Book 140 Gifts Knit Crochet Swedish Embroidery

This vintage booklet from American Thread Company, was a special addition to their Star series.   It is the Star GIFT Book - No 140.    The book, along with the pattern styles and names, clearly indicate the 1950s, as would the 10 cents original price.    An interesting factor about the book is the number of color pictures; in this time period it was typical that only the front and back cover were in color.  There's a couple really nice patterns here, along with a couple craft choices.    
 Enjoy the book review.  

American Thread Co Star Gift Book No 140 - Gifts - Knit - Crochet - Swedish Embroidery 
 It contains a variety of project patterns, which were, undoubtedly considered great gift items for the time.  

Crochet Slippers for her and for him.   Her slippers give several variations to add a little sparkle.   The 1950's show in the sizing for the slippers.  Sized for him at 8 to 10 and for her at 3 to 8.   This is a quite easy pattern, perfect for beginners.

Swedish Embroidery - "If you can thread a needle you can make these lovely designs for towels, blouses, pillows and aprons".   These are worked with embroidery thread; three separate designs are included.

A Crocheted Dust Mitt  ..  No longer will you be afraid of running your hand across and shelf and disturbing the dust.   Just wear the dust mitt for those random (or not so) swipes!

Jibber - A knitted bonnet, with crochet edges.  This childs style hat, in the 1950s was sometimes referred to a Jibber.  This one sports a nice set of cables.

Rose Doily - a pretty crocheted piece of art featuring both the roses and the star motif.  A centerpiece beauty with a center medallion, six point star with rose points and scallops.

Voilets Doily - An equally lovely piece with a different star variations and, this time, a sprinkle of violets with tiny yellow embroidery centers.  

A Poodle.  This is a Craft project created by making a wire form and then wrapping with yarns and embroidery thread.   

Knitted Rug is  28" in diameter is worked in panels, which are joined. 

This cute star shaped picture frame is also a craft project, created with cardboard and thread. 

This is Pete the Peke (as if the Poodle wasn't enough!).  He's a stuffed dog that is adorned with rug yarn.

Certainly some cute ideas here for craft projects, and definitely a couple items worthy of gift giving.  With, perhaps the exception of the doilies, all the designs are easy and would be ready to create on relatively short notice.   So, from that aspect, other than being a bit sparse, American Thread nailed it.

I've listed a number of patterns in the shop (links under the picture), should you be interested.
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